Key Benefits

Improve your communications

Seamless scale without port and disk limitations

Reliability through distributed architecture



PCMnetVoice Overview

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PCM Networking has partnered with ShoreTel and created PCMnetVoice. Our solution is one of the first pure IP based phone systems to come to market. Our system provides a complete messaging solution including voice mail and automated attendant, along with unified messaging desktop tools for users. The solution scales seamlessly up to 10,000 mailboxes, which can be centralized or distributed across a network on standard servers.
PCMnetVoice Key Benefits

Improved Communications

With a unified messaging infrastructure for all sites, employees communicate faster and easier, helping boost business performance. Voice mail and automated attendant services can be centralized at the main site or distributed throughout the network - even when there are multiple sites. Therefore, all users are on a single system, enabling seamless reply, forward, broadcast and distribution list access. And with a desktop tool for unified messaging for all users, features become usable rather than hidden behind cryptic telephone keypad sequences. With features like Find Me, Call Handling Modes and Message Notification, mobile employees can stay in contact with other employees and customers while on the road.

Seamless Scale without port and disk limitations

ShoreTel voice mail and automated services run on standard servers distributed across your IP network. Traditional "port" limitations have been removed and "storage" is limited only by the size of the hard disk. Gone are the days of paying for "ports" and "hours" of voice mail.

Reliability through distributed architecture

The ShoreTel system distributes voice mail and automated attendant to servers across the network. In the event of a WAN outage, the remote voice mail will continue to operate without interruption. In the event a remote voice mail server fails, calls will be automatically routed to another server to ensure the calling party reaches his or her intended party or is able to leave a message.

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